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  • Día 2: Kayak en Isla Tiburon #walkingsonora 📷: @alain_ln @inigo_df #viajografos de #walkingmexico #fromwhereidrone
  • Reserva de la Biosfera del Pinacate y el Gran Desierto de Altar. #walkingmexico 📷: @alain_ln y @inigo_df #viajografos
  • New article! Road Trip in Sonora. Places like these keep us inspired to continue venturing out to discover this surprising country. Check it out @ 📷: @alain_ln & @inigo_df #viajografos de #walkingmexico
  • Feliz cumpleee @anapaula__a 🧡💫
#Viajografa de #WalkingMexico
  • Fridays are days of opportunity. We get the chance to decide if we’ll chill down or push forward to have a memorable weekend. The question for me is always: what will feed my spirit more? Most likely the answer is: mountains. Rafael is always a good partner to explore the Volcanos around Mexico City. He’s a true connoisseur and will take you on trails that few people know. Follow link on profile for contact info. 📷: @maizvergara for #walkingmexico
  • Nuevo artículo! Hicimos un recorrido en Xochimilco con @lamanodelmono a conocer el proyecto de @redesecoac... más allá de las trajineras. Visita el artículo en nuestra página 📷: @danilianac #viajografa de @walkingmexico
  • Few people visit these waterfalls near Tepoztlán. To go, a local guide needs to show you the way. Learn more about the spots they can take you by visiting the link in profile. 📷: @agranvilla for #walkingmexico and @lamanodelmono
  • Walking on a dream 💫 @brumacasa8 #ValleDeGuadalupe #FoundInMexico #VisitMexico #Mexico #WalkingMexico

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